The Community Exchange

The game was great, and good times were had by all, but the shelves are sagging, and the hot new games and more good times are calling.

Introducing the Community Exchange, an opportunity for the entire Pair a Dice Games community to check out all of the games the community has on offer. Buy games from your fellow community members in-store, sell your games with us and get the eyes of the entire community on your game!

Download the fillable form to print out in advance, fill it out in-store, or submit the form online below.

Please fill out one for each game you are submitting.

The price you set is non-negotiable.

I understand that I am offering this item for sale at Pair a Dice Games. Pair a Dice Games will attempt to sell it on my behalf at the price I entered above. I retain the ownership of this item until such time as it is sold. The buyer of this item will have 7 days to return it to Pair a Dice if they feel the item condition is not as indicated on this form (unless non-returnable). After 7 days, Pair a Dice will issue to me a gift card for 70% of the price I entered above. The contact information listed above is current and accessible. Pair a Dice may return this unsold item to me after no less than 60 days. I understand that an item that is not picked up within 60 days of my notification that the item is being returned to me become the property of Pair a Dice Games. I understand that if I do not pick up a gift card within 90 days, we will mail it to the above address at your expense billed to the gift card. I understand that I may not resubmit an unsold item for at least 60 days after it was returned.

Start your next gaming adventure with us now!