You may submit up to five games at a time for the Community Exchange.

Board games, expansions, LCG/ECG collections. Must be in some kind of a box or packaging. We do not take RPGs, TCG/CCGs or miniatures. We buy MTG through our Magic counter, please seek them out to get more info.

After processing, the game remains on sale for 90 days. Any games which are unsold are returned. Any games returned cannot be put back on sale at Pair A Dice for 60 days.

You set the price. We will sell the game at the price you choose for your game. The price is non-negotiable. When your game sells, you make 70% of the selling price in Pair A Dice Games store credit.

The game may be in any reasonably playable condition and may be missing pieces. We only ask you denote on the submission form about condition or missing deficiencies. Purchasers may inspect games in store and have up to 7 days to return games if game does not match description.

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